Management Team

Mike Lisenko, President of Business Operations

Mike LisenkoMike is uniquely qualified to direct the operations of WineBev Services, our social enterprise that provides employment opportunities for adults with disabilities in the wine industry.  With 14 years of years of experience as the General Manager of a production company employing adults with disabilities, Mike is now fully able to realize the vision that we all share of providing minimum wage rather than piece rate employment in an integrated business setting.  His expertise in sales and production combine with his desire to see employees of all abilities achieve successful careers in the wine industry.

Mike has directed educational activities for adults with disabilities at Clausen House.  He has also received training from NISH, the national agency that creates employment opportunities for people with disabilities that was co-founded by United Cerebral Palsy. “By offering real wages, social opportunities, and the pride of being an employee of WineBev Services; we are raising the bar for everyone employing adults with disabilities.”  Under his direction, WineBev Services has grown from a start-up company to an annual budget of 1.9 million for FY 2009-10. 

Cell Phone: 707-299-0856
Office Phone: 707-603-001 x#1
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Craig Hamilton, Business Development Manager

Craig HamiltonCraig has been in sales and marketing in the packaging distribution and manufacturing business since 1990.  For the last 8 years, Craig has resided in Sonoma, CA and has been involved in various aspects of wine packaging from the tasting room to the production floor.

Craig possesses a BBA from the University of San Diego and brings avariety of experience to WineBev Services which helps our organization identify and execute its growth plan.

“It’s a great pleasure to be involved with this organization at this stage in my career and be able to leverage some of my experience and contacts to help grow WineBev Services. We have great people with excellent skills and work ethic. They are a pleasure to be around.”

Cell Phone: 707-548-1640
Office Phone: 707-603-0010
Office Fax: 707-603-001


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