WineBev Services




WineBev Services is conveniently located in the heart of Napa, in the Airport Corporate Center at 500 Technology Way, Napa, in a modern, climate controlled 42,000 square foot warehouse.  Our skilled production workers operate machinery used to store, package and ship wine to wholesale and retail distributors.  WineBev Services operates as a Bonded Wine Cellar (BWC) with Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) License 14 & 22.

WineBev Services is a social enterprise of United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay, an employment program for adults with disabilities, adults with barriers to employment and adults who support workers with disabilities. We operate both on-site, within our warehouse or off-site at your location, depending on your need. Projects include repacking, hand labeling, mobile bottling line support, and other jobs that our contracted partners require.







Please contact us for a free quote on any new or ongoing project.
Mike Lisenko – email:, cell: 707-299-0856 or Craig Hamilton email: cell: 707-548-1640